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.::GwF::. wants to move to RC

If you play RC(Republic Commando) alot and would like to lead the Charlie Squad of the .::GwF::. clan. Please put a request here. If you do please put:

Your online name
How often you are on
Any clans you are currently in
Your email
Your AIM or Xfire

The charlie company in a division(or future division) of the .::GwF::. clan.
Currently our clan is only on the battlefront games. If you have one of them Please say so.

You will recive an email if I choose you or not. If you are not picked don't hate me forever. If you are picked don't go out making tryout servers or rubbing it in anyone's face.(not yet at least)

.::GwF::. is a PC clan. Our website is

There is no I in Team.
Not in English at least.


The {GwF} website is
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