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let me address this.

Frankly, some of those posts were pointless. Just because some of you might have seen those screenshots or read that information, doesnt mean that everyone has. And to post comments such as 'is this anything new? no. so whats the point' is selfish and means that I WILL delete them.

This is not the official forums where people can post silly comments and remarks and I will not allow it to become as such. Its about time a little thought were put into some of your posts before hitting that submit button.

These forums have posts that arent full of praise for EaW and they are allowed. I dont mind constructive posts pointing out the areas you are concerned with and areas of the game you might need feel addressing. Again, if I see a post that says ' i wont be buying EaW because it looks rubbish' - WILL get deleted.

In addition to this, if the same users keep posting like this - after warnings - they will see themselves slapped with a ban.

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