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There was an interersting programme on Channel 4 (UK) a night or so back where an Oxford Professor (biology?) challenged the way religion is attacking evolution. The programme was called "Root of all evil?" and was actually mainly his opinion that religion is a very backward thinking concept and is causing all sorts of damage to the world. He wasn't entirely focussing on evolution, but also covered things like other science, conraception, religions extremism and hatred, etc.. I think there is a part 2 next week.

There was an interesting part where he went to a big southern evangelical centre to talk to the head guy, and the guy was claiming that if you "talked to scientists you wouldn't find any two of them that agreed on the way evolution worked".
The (world leading) scientist then said that he had never met any, and was told he obviously talked to the wrong scientists... and to stop being arrogant.

Then later some guy drove up in his pickup and shouted at them to get out of town and stop "calling his kids animals". Was weird.

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