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thanks Wedge I knew there were voices of reason in this community, but I was getting no help from two jka forums and it was getting quite a community of editors not to be abled to get a simple tip..on fears of morality..this is both a science and an art to me..and I fully understand that no artist wants to be cheapened by an imitator, but I also know that i am no's like this I have plenty of origional ideas, but i also have visions that are inspired by preexisting works. IF i'm a beginner then I might chose to work with something thats already sweated out, I would be an ahole to think that a community of artists would accept my efforts if i were to release work that was based on work not my own without acknowledgement and or permission, but sometimes a vision is not a whole new idea but a sequel to a preexisting one! or in this case prequel...
as a matter of fact I don't need to remake the t1_surprised map for my vision..but I was hoping to nurture the vision while I worked on its components by bringing it to life
in a landscape that closely resembles it and that was already completed and sculpted to functionality by experts...from this I might learn what features and landscapes I do and do not want or need to include in my own origional work..honestly thats what I was hoping, because in reality i don't think that it as it is will be adequate.. if it proves to be perfect then if I did want to use it I know I would need permission and acknowledgment to use their work in any public release, it could give me a bad reputation any other way, and diminish the value of my work whatever value that work will have anyway. But remember this neither artists nor scientists have ever been completely afraid of being frowned upon or even shunned, to persue their visions of progress or perfection..everybody knows the T1_surprised map was made by raven developers, and of course maybe none knows for certain if thats the map i'm really trying to study, but it's not cool to hide information on the unprovokd fear that I will piss someone off by ripping their masterpiece apart and crapping out out to the public as my own..especially since im sure it would not be hard to prove that it was ripped off..if it's already been published. Yknow if you study copyright protocols, that is the basis of how your work is protected by the mere fact that the writer claimed the idea first everything else is just a meaans to prove without doubt that that is the case. thats why sometimes a person might send something to themselves in the postal service just to officiate its existance..

p.s. has this been a big problem in the jka modding community? people claiming other peoples work as their own?
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