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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
Best comparison I can think of (at least for real-time combat) is Morrowind vs TSL..

In Morrowind, when you encounter/engage in combat.. there is no "pausing" and thinking about strategy.. it's a "you better hope you either have quick fingers, proper hot keys, etc.. OR you can run like a mother.." Granted, you can still "switch" your inventory, but there are games out there that don't even allow this. Also, in Morrowind, in order to combat (swing weapon, throw, pull bowstring), something has to be "pressed" per action (ie, button-mashing)

TSL being turn based allows you to "pause", que actions for the entire party then resume based on your choices... no pressing buttons to swing, block etc. No strafing controls, no nothing.. it's all based on a die system where your skills and abilities adjust your "roll" to determine effectiveness and success/fail.

I can only imagine the horror of a real-time scenario with more than one Party Member (excluding the fact that until stoffe fixed it, Pary AI sucked)...

If KotOR III is to be a "true" real-time combat game, it's going to become more of a button-mashing nightmare rather than a storyline driven RPG (IMO)
I prefer the KOTOR style than Morrowind style. IMO, RPG combat is about strategy (albeit KOTOR's combat was a little too easy to have to worry about strategy), and if you go to full real time there's no chance for real strategy.

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