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Gus stared down in disbelief at Viper. One second, a republic soldier, the enxt, CIS scum. He knelt down beside him. "Viper? Viper- A-are you okay, what just happned?" But he knew, the CIS had tricked him, cause him to fight for them. "No..." He whispered, shoving his pistol into his belt. "I wont kill you..." Chazz ran over just in time. "I KNEW YOU HUNTERS COULDNT BE TRUSTED!" He yelled, firing a shot at Viper. "NO!" yelled Gus, tackling him to the ground. Chazz couldn't move, he was pinned there. "YOPU CNAT HURT HIM! THEY TRICKED HIM, THEY-" Chazz shoved Gus off him. "GET OVER IT TROOPER, THIS IS WAR!" Gus just gave him a cold look and closed his eyes. "Well it doesnt have to be this way." said Gus, standing now. Chazz fired towards Viper again and looked back ot Gus. "WHAT ARE YOU-" Gus pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at Chazz. "They're... they're.... The CIS is tricking you both!" STOP! ITS A TRI-" but Chazz heard a shot being fired and the last thing he saw was Gus falling over, as he himself fell.

Gus was now in shock. he had just shot his own commander. What was he!? INSANE!? HE JUST KILLED HIS COMMANDER! Gus shook his head and looked up at Chazz's body. "he's not dead..." Chazz stood back up and fired at Viper, then he fired a shot towards Gus. Gus jumped out of the way and fired his pistol. All he could hear was the voice in his head. "Kill him.... Kill him.... He's the reason you're an orphan! HES WHY YOURE PARENTS ARE DEAD!" The lie repeated over and over, causing Gus to go insane and fire at Chazz again and again. "YOU KILELD MY PARENTS" He hsouted, firing again. "GET A GRIP!" yelled Chazz, pummeling him in the face with his rifle's barrel. "ITS A TRICK SOLDIER! GET UP!" Chazz was sweating and crying, but trioed niot to show it. Gus nailed Chazz with the barrel of his pistol. "YOU KILLED THEM!" he yelled, charging, his head down, towards Chazz. His head made contact with his chest, causing him to topple over. Chazz just stared up into Gus's eyes. "They're tricking you..." he slapped Gus, which didnt help one bit.

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