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Viper rolled out of the way of the two fighting. He picked up his helmet and put it on. He knew Gus was friend but as Chazz had said this was war. The republic had killed Jango and now they wanted him dead. The republic could not be trusted. Viper knew what curruption was going on at the centre. The so called Chancellor was really the sith lord the Jedi had been tracking. He knew as soon as this was was over there would be a dictatorship. And Viper for one did not want that to happen. Viper saw a change the the clones battle plan. He glanced up at a command post where master Yoda stood. Two clones were approaching him he jumped up and killed them both. It had happened. The emperor had given the order to kill the jedi. Leaving Chazz and Gus to it he jetted up to a ledge. He saw a clone sniper taking aim on master Yoda. He took aim himself and shot the sniper in the head. Yoda would never know that Viper had just saved his life. But a heavy trooper had seen Viper and had blasted a rocket in his direction. The ledge crumbled and he fell back between Chazz and Gus. Viper rolled out of Chazz's way took out his pistol and pulled the trigger.....


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