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Thread pruned.

@ JediMasterDeath:
For future reference:

1. Flaming and name calling is not tolerated here, no matter the reason. If you have a problem with a post or thread, instead of flaming, use the report post button and we will look at the situation and take action if we deem it appropriate.

2. We welcome different opinions on the boards and people have the right to agree and disagree as long as it remains respectful. If people feel skeptical about the reported news, they can say so. It doesn't mean they are not interested or ungrateful. The same goes with your appreciation of what Kookaburra did.

3. Concerning the use of profanity in your posts, do not try to fool the censor. I have edited one of you other posts in another thread.

4. Avoid typing in caps: this is considered rude and it is annoying to read.

5. Read the forum rules in their entirety.

6. When a moderator edits one of your posts or gives you a warning, do not answer in the thread. If you want to discuss the issue, PM the moderator or another moderator, super mod or admin or use the feedback forum. You will find a list ouf our kotor forums here:

Now back on topic everyone.

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