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A pistol shot hit Chazz's armor. "Ah!" Gus rolled out of the way and ounched Chazz. Hot blood ran down inti his mouth an dall he could smell was the scarlet bloody drips. He looked up and tripped Gus. He wouldn't kill him. But Viper was different. Chazz fired at him twice before throwing a detonator and running towards the post where Yoda was. "Master Yoda! We have a rebellion!" Yoda looked up at him and frowned. "Know I do already, fight back we must!" Chazz knew what this meant. Chazz shouted at the top of his lungs. "FIRE AT WILL!" Jedi and the troopers still loyal to his command jumped from behind the wooden barriers and charged at top speed, clashing with the traitors one at a time. Gus was no where to be seen. "Master Yoda, we need back up."
"Back up I will get..." said Yoda, smiling now. He closed his eyes and concntrated ahrd. before he knew it, hundreds of fighters and gunships came out of nowhere, some firing at the rebellion and some at the Loyalists. As more and more troops were killed, Gus realized he couldn't see Viper. Suddenly, a jet trooper crashed into a healing bot behind him and the droid exploding, killing the jet trooper. Gus detached the jet pack from the dead troop's armor and attached it to his back.

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