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Others have answered the Dantooine lag fix much better than I can, so I'll leave that to the experts.
For the Kath Hounds:
Have at least one Jedi with 'Heal' in the party. No more medpacs needed (or at least fewer)!
Use concussion grenades. They're a big help, especially when you're the only Jedi in the party.
Have a party member equipped with a ranged weapon that has a good chance of stunning or a really good upgraded melee weapon.
Have at least 1 Jedi (which means you probably need to take Bastila with you when possible) with 'Stun'/'Stasis' or 'Fear'/'Horror', preferably Stasis or Horror. 'Throw Lightsaber' is nice--does some damage before they even get close.
Using 'Burst of Speed' or 'Slow' (on the Kath Hounds) and Flurry will help you out.
Have fun!

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