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Originally Posted by SilverSentinal2
Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the neat hardware its really cool. Unfortunately I am hopelessly slow when it comes to learning how to use programs like this.

My question is this everytime I want to view an image it tells me that the viewer I configured isn't in the location that I specified. I think I know why its doing this, I installed a new video card and the Kotor games wont run until I've updated my drivers. Of course being the idiot I am I can't figure out how to do that either. But if you could tell me how to reconfigure the hardware so I can see images I would appreciate it.
Changing you video card shouldn't affect something simple like viewing images. My only guesses are that either your path to the viewer is wrong or it doesn't take an image specification on the command line. That is, if you opened a command prompt, CD'd to the image viewer directory, then typed viewerAppNameHere completePathToTGAFile you should see the .TGA file. For example:

CD c:\progrs\irfanview
irfan c:\my pics\lbl_map201tel.tga

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