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Thumbs up Version 1.8 Released

Time flies, doesn't it? Here's version 1.8:

Website | Download at | Download at pcgamemods

* Fixed Issue: "Replicate 50 Ion Rockets" would give you nothing.
* Fixed Issue: One of Hanharr's dialogue options said "mandalore" instead of "hanharr".
* Fixed Issue: "Class Skill" for the main character also gave you the force forms.
* Fixed Issue: Bao-Dur's Treat Injury skill party options did not work.
* Fixed Issue: The "Modify Someone's Feats" option for party members did not work.

* Battle Sim: Added a 'Reveal Map' function which will reveal the entire area instantly. *poof* voilą!
* Battle Sim: A 'Status Report' option that displays a character's FP, Influence, Alignment, Attributes and Skills.

* Replicator: Rebuilt from scratch, again, in an attempt to organise it better, not to clutter up the menu.
* Replicator: Added Ability to see the ammount of credits you have while your using the credit replicator options.
* Replicator: Added Ability to Replicate Security Spikes.
* Replicator: Added Ability to Replicate Stimulants.

* Party Ops: Changed the main character's party options to look like the other (NPC) Party Options.
* Party Ops: Ability to see the current stats for any party member's attributes, skills, influence and force points.
* Some of the values will only show up if the Character is in the party, or the player is aboard the Ebon Hawk...

* Mod Options: Improved Bypass Key Item Descriptions and Item names.

* Bonus Features: High-Definition cheaters, gives all feats and/or powers to a specified, non-droid, character.
* Bonus Features: Quick-Script Launcher, for modders to test scripts, or players who want a script handy.
I believe it's going to be a while before I make release another version, I've got alot more stuff that still needs finishing on my website, not to mention other parts of life. I'm not ending this mod, I do plan to make new versions sometime in the future, I'm just going to work more on my website than on this mod. Also, I'm sortof running out of ideas

Suffice it to say there's still alot of work that needs doing on my website
I would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have for my wrist console modification, you can post your ideas here

- please do not advertise other forums here. Thanks - d3

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