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When Viper landed at the destruction he had left he was amazed that the republic had gained so much ground. The CIS were taking a real battering. Viper got out of his ship and put on a nifty cloaking device. The ship was now hidden from view. He stepped out of the cloak and re-joined the battle. He swung at a passing republic solider with his ecletro sword that came out of the wrist attachements of his armour (Like Predator if anyone has seen the films). Viper jetted up to a ruined tower and looked down upon the battle. He got out a grenade and dropped it. The explosion made the tower rock. He held on. That was bad idea. The clones now knew where he was so they concentrated rocket fire on the tower. Viper was thinking how idiotic this was when he had jetpack when a EMP blast hit next to him. His jetpack fizzed and died.
"Oh Shi-"
The tower collapsed. Viper hurtled down to the ground. He hit the floor and was immediatly covered in rubbel. The clone soliders blasted at him . He quickly crawled through the rubbel making as little movement as possible. He managed to escape through a small hole bus as soon as he was out he was a target. A sniper above took his aim. Viper fell to the floor. A throbbing pain in his neck. He had been shot. He felt blood run down his neck and back. He gasped for air. He took his helmet off.
He heard a voice say
"We have him. The Traitor. Inform the chancellor that we have caught the bounty hunter known as Viper"
"Not quite" Viper gasped he turned and punched the clone in the face. He fell backwards. Viper took out his pistols and fired at the clones arround him. Another shot from the sniper made him fall to the floor. This time his leg was in pain. He gasped again and fell to the floor. He felt his arms being tied behind his back. He heard a swish and felt a crack and all was black....


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