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C55-3 finally made it back to the forward base with plenty of reinforcements. He jumped out of the AAT he was riding in and punched a clone standing near by. The clone was knocked out cold. C55-3 then used his new dual wrist blasters and took out 4 more clones. Seeing this new powerful droid, the clones started retreating. C55-3 ran forward, wrist cannons still blazing, but every now and then he'd fire his more explosie wrist rockets that could take on a group insted of one person. C55-3 finally made it to a broken down tower where the CIS was being overwhelmed. He and the new reinforcements finally started to turn the tide, when C55-3 saw the bounty hunter that helped them fight being dragged away. He moved foward, blasting the troopers that held him in the back. A few turned around to attack, but were blasted away by a wrist rocket. C55-3 then ordered his troops to get the bounty hunter to a medic.

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