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Well hey, if short writings apply, I would like to submit something I wrote earlier today. It was inspired by some things some friends said to me, and I just wanted to get an idea of what you guys thought. It's my first time writing in anything of this style, and I thought it turned out well:

A man is standing at the edge of a cliff, his eyes gazing into the magnificent canyon before him. It is a sculpture of the upmost splendor, as if carved into the earth by a god. At the bottom of this canyon ran a winding river. The man's attention is drawn to this river by its shimmering glint caused from the blazing sun. The man's eyes follow the path of the twisting stream as far as his eyes permit, thus not restricting him from seeing the end of this river's road. The river's winding path is unfortold, as is man's destiny. His fate is only as evident as the path that is visible before him. All that is beyond the eye's restriction is unforseen, and will unfold as each man takes a step down their own path.

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