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Viper jerked awake as medi droid moved. He no longer felt pain in his neck or leg. He got up. His helmet was next to him and he put it on. He was still dazed. He stood and watched as a speeder bike totaled.
"A Jedi" muttered a passing droid
Viper picked up his weapons. He knew he had to warn the Jedi of the trechory of the Republic. Viper knew the chancellor wanted to change the so called "Republic" into a galactic empire. Viper started to make his way to the wrecked speeder. But before he could get to it a clone jumped out infront of him. Viper knew him well. He had been part of Viper's squad.
Viper stayed silent
"It's good to see you sir"
Viper smiled. The clones that had been used to create his squad were capable of inviduality. Viper shook the soldiers hand. He waved him to a icy shelter.
"What's the news?"
"Well some of the clones capable of thinking for themselves are begening to realise the chancellors plans but by the time most of them do it will be too late"
"Agreed. I need to contact Master Yoda"
"My sources tell me after leaving Kashyyk he headed for direct centre of the trouble"
"You mean?"
"Yes. He's gone after the chancellor. And theres something else. Palpatine and his new aprentice Skywalker are after you."
"Skywalker turned against democracy?"
"It apears so sir"
"God save him. What of the other Jedi?"
"Most are dead or will be killed soon"
Viper looked towards the trashed speeder.
"We need to help the Jedi" Viper got up and ran to the speeder to find the Jedi...


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