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Dark Times...

This RPG is set in the time between star wars episode III -IV. The new empire is trying hard to completly destroy the remnents of the CIS and at the same time starting to fight a new enemy. The Rebel Alliance. Leading the fight it Senetor Organa, being backed secretly by Yoda and Obi Wan. A bounty Hunter called Viper still commands respect from the CIS droids and is somewhat their leader. But with many of the droid facilitys being destroyed the remnents of the droids are dwindling. Viper has made contact the rebel allicance and has agreed to offer his services. Now to two sides battle over a wounded Kamino. The Emperor has realised a new wave of clones has been produces ones who can think for themselves. He is weary of this and has sent the 501st and his aprentice skywalker to destroy the remaining clones. Unluckily for the empire the rebel aliance and remaing CIS forces have heard of this and have gone to help the few clones that can think for themselves. The 501st exited hyper space to see a fleet of CIS cruisers and some new cruisers they had not seen before. This battle will be in space and on land. Before joining in fill out these details-

Name: Bob
Faction: CIS remnant
Rank: captain
Ship: Modified ARC-170
Weapons:blaster rifle, grenades
Bio: (Optional)

Important note: Ship wise both sides would be using the same. X-wings etc would not be available yet. The CIS of coarse will be using droid star fighter but the alliance will use ARC-170's, The very first Y-wing bombers, Republic Starfighter. The empire are using V wings and early Tie fighter models.
I will fill my info in soon.


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