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Originally Posted by Darth_Death
ya but when there is a car bomb explotion in iraq or something they barely talk about it but they give most of the attention to little mikey
That's the problem! When the mislead, and misinformed, American society sees ONE car bombing, the news BLASTS it out of proportion, and American public forgets (at the according to the media) that we are AT WAR. In any war, according to history, there will be loses. And this comes back to the topic, why doesn't the media present the Good Stuff that is going on in the media. The media BARELY covered the provisional government and the elections, versus the violence. The media barely covered the training of new soldiers and the like.

Have anyone of you seen Team America? Well, learn something from Sean Penn; "I went to Iraq before we invaded, and the children were happy and laughing..." something like that, most of you probably know the line. Anyways, it's that kind of idiocy that the mean (and peaceniks) produce.


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