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Kotor III speculation on

posted by Com Raven on main page.

So, you read the bit below about Obsidian Entertainment doing a pure action-combat KotOR 3? Laughed about how crazy that ideas sounds? Alright, then you might be prepared to read this

It seems that Obsidian is hiring a Audio Programmer for an unannounced game. Not too exciting in itself.

It gets more interesting once you look at the details:
Audio Programmer - PS3, XBOX 360, PC
Unannounced - 3rd Person, ACTION, RPG

So, a few days after IGN (who are despite some occasional wacky predictions still a great source for gaming news) proclaims a Xbox360 action-based KotOR 3, we find that Obsidian (the most likely candidate for KotOR 3 since BioWare is busy with its own IPs) is working on an action rpg for the 360, PC (a sure bet for any future KotORs) and the PS3 (with the PS3 having a HDD this time around, a port seems likely).

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, and to discuss them along with the rest of the community on our KotOR III Boards.

Feel free to disagree or agree. total speculation.

another interesting thing??? Kotor 3 ?????? (Just a guess)

comes from here:

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