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The Updated version of the PS2 Dedicated Server has gone LIVE. It can be found at Fileplanet at the following URL:

This update resolves the crash issues that were seen in the previous version. It also includes the completed new Server Manager and Remote Server Manager. These new applications have many new options, including the ability to display messages, ban players, auto-kick players and more detailed game information & logging. The Remote Server application allows the user to remotely administer their host.

Please make sure to view the Readme on launching the applications and other tidbits on running the Servers properly

Note: Fileplanet has a typo in the description. It mentions the PC but this is strictly for the PS2. See my next posting for upcoming info on the PC update, dedicated server update & Mod tools!

Note 2: As with all previous versions of the dedicated server software, please be aware that this software is not supported by LucasArts.

battlefield 2 site:
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