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Gmax Helper

This is a basic helper program for working with vertice and uvw coordinates in gmax. Essentially it will allow you to copy and paste all three coordinates (x,y,z or u,v,w) to / from a given vertice or uvw. You can copy and paste one at a time or create a list of coordinates to replace as well as make and mark a map so you don't get confused as to which item is which. I generally use it to maintain symmetry when I'm modeling. I've also used it to copy / paste coordinates between two different models. Its also useful for replicating uvw maps for a 'left arm' after you've mapped a 'right arm'. This is just another small time saver. The executable is written in vb5 and is based entirely on the windows api.

From PCGameMods.

From my FileFront page.

The newest version (1.0.22) allows copying / pasting of complete objects rather than just vertice / uvw coordinates and is available from my website.

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