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Well, I'm still waiting for the US to pick on a country that can actually fight back. I mean, the "separatist insugancy of the Iraqi axis of evil reclaimists" have a higher kill ratio than the Iraqi army did! Also, are you telling me you 'really' care about Iraqis? There are MILLIONS of people that are suffering under cruel regimes, could argue that some are meaner than Saddam ever would be.

Oh yeah, Team America is funny because it takes the pee-pee out of everyone and everything, I mean, I find it funny that they never do a mission without killing thousands of bystanders or the "suck my c-" scene or the Hanz Brix moments. They can produce good satire without making it appeal to wannabe politics majors.

As for the Media, well, bad news sells, I'm afraid. As a point, is recruiting yet ANOTHER army in Iraq a good thing? I think the country needs good cops, not another corruption of power that will beat the stuffing out of their citizens when their backs are turned.

I dunno, maybe I believe in civilian rights. :P

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