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I like all the Party Members, but heres what I think:
Carth: Slightly annoying, but good with guns. 9/10
Mission: Slightly annoying, but good with swords. 8.5/10
Zaalbar: Good at fighting with no weapons. 8.5/10
Bastila: The best Jedi to have in your Party, but also annoying. 9/10
T3-M4: Useful at first, but then when you talk to him, he's boring (Better in KOTOR: TSL). 8/10
Canderous: Good to talk to, however I don't find him as good as Carth. 8.5/10
Juhani: Be great, if it weren't for her annoying accent (What is her accent?) and whining and she's useful in the Levithian. 7.5/10
HK-47: Better at fighting than T3 and quite funny. Annoying he has to say "Statement" or "Query" or "Exclamation". 9.5/10
Jolee: The funniest Jedi of your Party. His background is intresting and he is good with the Force and a Lightsaber. 10/10

PS: Why make a Spin-Off of Mission and HK. If you want a Spin-Off, then either do Mission and Zaalbar one or HK-47 and T3-M4 one.
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