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that didnt last because i
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D'Artagnan smiled. "Thanks! My mom would be proud, I bet. And I heard the ships, so I guess we better leave again?"

"Right," Vernon sighed. "I'm sorry," he said heavily. "In these days of the future I have become a fool, after 10 years." He looked back into his memory, to the very day he met Eva. "Don't forget me, even if you're happy with him."

D'Artagnan nodded. "Be happy but wise!" He chirped, gleefully, holding his small animal in his hands. "Kitty-Ferret says bye-bye too!" He held the creature's paw, waving it at her gently. The creature opened its mouth in a yawn.

"Our paths may meet again," Vernon said, opening the door, as D'Artagnan held Kitty-Ferret in one hand and tugged on Vernon's sleeve with the other.

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