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Basic Braining, a.k.a. "Introduce yourself!"

Do you love Psychonauts? Do you want to talk about it all night? Wouldn't you just love to grab hold of Coach Oleander and never let go?

Of course you would.

This forum is just the place to do it! With far too many borderline obsessive fans than is healthy dying to talk about Psychonauts during every waking hour of their lives, there's no better place on the internet to get your daily dose of Psychonauts loving.

To help settle in, and also to reduce the volume of "Hello!" threads, this particular thread is delegated for introducing yourself and getting to know other people in the community. So, if you're new, tell everyone about yourself! If you're a Razputin's Domain veteran, do your bit for society and make them feel at home. It's only the right thing to do.

PS: There's no reason that people who've been around for a while can't use this thread to reintroduce themselves if they've never formally done it before.
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