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Star Wars: Temptation Rising

This fan fiction is a work of my own. All characters and events are of mine and my friend, Dan Haas', creation. This is in honour of that same friend of mine. Please, feel free to leave any comments you'd like, as well as any ideas as this is a work in progress. Thank you all.

This story is about two Jedi twins, Varick and Voshon Keltron, and the dark menace and trials they face. Set during the time period of Episode 1, just a few months before that fateful expedition.

Star Wars: Temptation Rising

Chapter One

He was bored, beyond bored. The being stood there talking and all he heard was blah, blah, blah. This creature had been ranting on and on for the better part of two hours, trying quote every injustice inflicted upon their species for the last century. Obviously trying to go with the sympathy route, it was boring the young man to tears. His voice was grating too, alternating between his native tounge and broken basic. He was begining to zone out, not a good thing for a Jedi; even worse for a Padawan.

His dark eyes stayed lidded as he tried to filter out the noise, ie the current speaker, and concentrate on the Force, sensing it's sweet flow and ebbing presance. It somehow, made some of the pain go away; though it was going to take a lot of moving before his bottom felt the same again. Diplomatic missions were always the worst: bad chairs, boring speakers, fix this, solve that. Hey, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! it was hard to solve anything when one side was always complaining about something or getting offended by every other word. If it wasn't color it was race or gramar or this one had a code of ethics and the other one didn't. Idiots whining and griping over the simplest things, that if they would just grow up, mature a little bit, would be no big deal.

Part of his problem though, deep down, he was just a warrior. More at home with his lightsaber blazing or in the cockpit of a fighter, that was where the Force truly touched him, when he felt most alive. It was almost where he could read the other's intentions by just looking at them. His heart started racing faster as he thought of his favorite engagements, combining the majority against one foe. This talking crap was for losers with no talent at having a real job.

This was in stark contrast to his brother, also sitting in on this. Born a couple of minutes earlier, the elder still held that aura of I'm bigger than you. Even though it was highly discouraged, they interacted as siblings. It also had to do with their bond, as strong as durasteel, the younger could sense the elder halfway across the galaxy. This made for fast friends, brutal battles, fierce arguments and the closest of brothers. They did indeed, love each other as family and there was nothing that could be done about that, as each was fiercely loyal to the other. But in terms of temperment, the two couldn't be more different, though the younger knew that the older hid most of his aggresivness.

Sensing his younger brother's bordrom and, perhaps, even his wandering thoughts, the elder's striking blue eyes flickered toward the younger Keltron. with enough features to know they were related, the elder carried dark blue eyes and a lighter shade of brown hair, more wavy than curly, and kept it cut in a long buzz cut. Lanky and lithe, he stood a good three inches taller.

The younger was more muscular, than lithe, spending much more time in the gym than the library. His deep-set brown eyes were the color of dark ale to match his hair, which he kept at a military reg, high and tight, save for the Padawan's braid that hung loosely, resting lightly on his shoulder. His under robes were the darker brown as opposed to the beige ones as where his boots. Both wore the Brown robes of Jedi Knights, though the younger's was open as he semi-slouched in his chair.

His master nonchalantly flicked him on the leg, masking an amused smile by acting intruigued by the speaker's current rant. He had to suppress a chuckle ofhis own, knowing that his master was just as bored as he was, she was just better at hiding it.

Taking the "subtle" hint, his face showing the struggle he was making to get interested, he quickly reviewed the speaker's latest remarks on his Pad. Mining disputes. Apparently, an outside company was trying to take control of forty percent of the mines in the system. Luzra, long known for it's mining and minerals, was fighting against it. To them, it was a matter of principle. Mining was it's chief cash cow and all the mines were state owned. This company, Ventra Corp, was in the process of buying up as many mines as it could throught the sector, monolplizing it. Another aspect it was after was the R and D going into a new chip technology.

"What do you think about all this, Master Jedi?"

Se'laya Krauss' beautiful violet eyes flickered to her counterpart, the Caamasi Jedi, Ra'kada Moshat. The senior Jedi by MANY years, he was also the chief negotiator. Both pair of purple eyes locked onto one another and Krauss nodded.

"Both sides have presented very good arguments. Ventra Corp wants to expand, just like any other company, while the Government officals wish to keep their mines theirs." A common opening statement for him, trying to bridge the gap between the two.

"But the economy...?"

"It would help supply and demand!" the other interupted.

"I wasn't finished," Moshat snapped. It wasn't an evil, angry snap; just an attention grabber filled with force. "If you look at the big picture, this is the system's life force, their primary means of profit. It keeps their taxes down and provides countless jobs for the natives."

"I knew the Jedi would be bigioted toward the government!" The antagonizer, on Mylos Krent, protested. "Because Luzra is a Republic world, you would take their side! Hypocrites, this is outrageous!"

"Do you always make a habit of jumping to conclusions, Mr. Krent?" Krauss' melodious voice spoke up. Apparently, being the only female in the room of any stature was enough to quite the low roar of voices that was slowly starting up. "Please, allow my collegue to finish."

"I've heard enough of what he has to say!"

"And that is your problem, you don't want to listen to anyone but yourself."

"More proof that you are on the side of the Government!" Krent accused.

"Are you a moron?" the younger Jedi inquired, drawing a number of shocked gasps, "because obviously you're just trying to stir something up."

"Vosh..." Krauss hissed, while his brother just blushed. The Caamasi Jedi didn't say anything, remaining impassive, but the other...

(sorry, duty calls, will finish this in a bit)
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