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why do you think i am going to FullSail in the fall or next spring? i've been talking with the administrators of that school for over 3 years, i was good friends with atleast 1 and he knows my passion for seeing things come to life. kurt.

and, lucas is affiliated with a lot of the programs of that school. i dont know the artist off hand, but i did come across an old article talking about, lucas' ranch. if your good enough, and know what your talking about, like i'm trying to do, then you will probably get noticed.

i would even wear the traditional Sith robe while creating my trailer. just for the feel effect while i create The Dark Lords.

plus, i need to find atleast a good venture to get into so that a point is come across. i may be a learning star wars buff, but i think once i Mastered the ideas of both the Jedi and the Sith, then i can state a point missed.

dont you think it would be cool to see Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 on the big screen? i would definately look forward to seeing Darth Nihilus in his full force, along with many other key characters mentioned in the series. especially the Fall and Rising of Revan, and other key characters; Jedi and Sith.


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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