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Marz, I detect two bugs:

1: Your shader file is messed up massively. You have two different shader entries for each torso for example. I've fixed this already (and if you want i'll give you the file), but DAMN. PLEASE don't mess up shader files, you can completely screw over other people's work this way if yours is used.

2: The _spec files for the red hands (handsred_spec) and grey hands (handsgrey_spec) are totally missing, with handsred_spec specifically mentioned in your shader file. Further, it's clear the grey hands were supposed to have a _spec file (like the other two), but it was left out in the shader file and handsgrey_spec also does not exist. Either way something's wrong.

So yeah. handsgrey_spec and handsred_spec are missing, and the shader file is messed up in general.

On a side note, I released OJP holster files for this model here:

Kurgan's Meatgrinder (JA Server:

Player tested, Valtiel approved.

Valtiel approved downloads for Meatgrinder:
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