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Scur started hiding after killing the droid commander.

After in hiding a while, he noticed a clone commander take aim at his General, a jedi master. Scur grabbed his sniper and took aim at the clone commander. He fired at the commander nailing his helmet, going through his head and hitting another clone trooper in his shoulder, making him fall to the ground.

Then, the Jedi master noticed the sniper trail and turned around to find guns pointed at him. Scur fired again at the troopers and killed a couple. he quickly got up hooked his gun to his back and grabbed his shotgun. He ran up next to the Jedi, firing at the troopers. "Sir, the clones have turned on the Jedi and I recommend you be evacuated and come with me." Scur said to the Jedi master when the Jedi noticed a Jedi to his side fall to the ground and the troopers firing at him falling. The Jedi master soon remembered that Scur was a mercenary, so he agreed while blocking shots from the troopers. The two men escaped with their lives to a empty part of the planet.

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