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Originally Posted by <(**)> Raptor
The icon showed up in profile before I started a ffa. When I was in the ffa in the menu the icon wasen't there and I did evry thing you said
There is no Icon for this model varient. It is considered a secret model. You can get the model by doing the above steps, but you will not have an Icon. If you make an Icon as stated above, you will need to make a skin file titled "model_default_headless", then make an icon (jpg. format) and title the icon "icon_default_headless" (without quotes). The only reason I did not include an Icon is that people get upset when you clutter up there model selection screens with extra model skins.

Keep in mind that the icon will not show up in team matches (red or blue), such as "team free for all", etc... You will need to design a different title skin file for that. I hope this helps. Marzout
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