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Episode 6:
"Chewie and I will handle this" - Han Solo
"Becareful their may be more of them" - Luke
"Hey, its me" - Han Solo

Episode 5:
"Obi-Wan never told what really happened to your father" -Darth Vader
"He told me enough "pause" he told me you killed him" - Luke
"No luke, I am your father" -Darth Vader
"No, thats not true, thats impossible" -Luke
"You know it to be true" - Darth Vader
"Noooonnoooo" - Luke

Episode 4:
"Your lucky your still in one peiece" - Ben Kenobi(Obi-wan)

"Yea, but droids don't pull your arms out of your sockets, wookies are known to do that" - Han Solo

Episode 3:
"You must relize, you are doomed" - General Grievous

"I hear a new apprentice you have palpatine(or something like that), or should I call you "Darth Sidious" - Yoda

"Did you press the stop button" - Obi-wan
"No, did you" - Anakin
"No" - Obi-wan
"Well their is more then one way out of here" - Anakin
"We don't want to get out, we want to keep moving" - Obi-wan

Episode 2:
"My legs aren't moving, I must need maintenance" - Battle Droid with C3-PO's body

"Oh no, not again, Obi-wan is going to kill me" - Anakin

"I was hoping you got my message" - Obi-wan
"I retransmitted as you requested master, then we decided to come and rescue you" -Anakin
"Good job" - Obi-wan

Episode 1:
"Don't defy the council again master" - Obi-Wan
"I must do what I must Obi-Wan" - Qui-gon Jinn
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