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Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK
After just over a year of waiting for this moment, having rushed back from London (uploading the demo as we speak as well!) I have to say that I am extremely pleased.

The camera controls are neat and I like how it zooms right into 3d when you go right in. However, the only thing i dont like about the camera control is having to use Control plus your scroll mouse button at times - its a pain. Rome Total war just lets you go straight into the 3d mode by holding down the scroll mouse button and then rotating your mouse to the desired position.
i'm curious what you mean by the ctrl and scroll mouse button? does that give you the rotating ability for x and z axis? cause i felt the camera was too restrictive. i can only zoom and scroll left-right, up-down. I tried looking for a way but couldn't find any, ctrl plus mouse scroll didn't do anything except the regular mouse scroll zoom...
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