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but the stuff in the book isnt in the movie, so i mean now we have two thoughts on it. does the dark side waste away your body? might explain Darth Sidious' teeth. lol.

it was a fair fight between Yoda and Sidious, neither one of them kicked either of eachothers ass; it was a tie. but yeah, Yoda had hundreds of years of Jedi training; Sidious probably had atleast 30 to 40, nowhere near to comparision. does this explain the true power of the dark side, enough for it to challenge Yoda? and you could see Yoda was in total control of the situation; giving Sidious a fight for his life, literally.

Sidious looked challenged in the movie, when it shows him screaming or whatever during the fight between him and Yoda. Yoda definately had a focus during that fight.

thats an interesting quote from the book though. see, they should have put that in the movie, then we could have a conclusion to whether Plagueis' ability was taught to Sidious; or if Sidious knew that ability.

"That could just be an attempt at force heal, or not."

when did a Sith just "let" the force do anything? lol


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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