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Originally Posted by shaded6
but the stuff in the book isnt in the movie, so i mean now we have two thoughts on it. does the dark side waste away your body? might explain Darth Sidious' teeth. lol.
I give the books priority of the movies. It's a personal preference, and I'm sure it irks some people. As for the Dark Side withering his body. I always see Dark Side users withering away from the use of the Dark Side (KOTOR 1&2). In fact, [EU Warning] Palpatine had to keep cloning himself because his body kept wasting away. Could that be Darth Plagueis's power? I doubt it was meant to be, just one of those things that just happen.[/EU (Dark Empire Series)]

Sidious looked challenged in the movie, when it shows him screaming or whatever during the fight between him and Yoda.
Mace Windu was clearly owning Palpatine. Yoda just realized he couldn't win, and had to bide his time for the future of the Jedi Order.
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