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....but the other Jedi could feel his irritation. Voshon Keltron, the younger of the two twins, was not the most tactful indvidual in the galaxy. He normally prefered to be direct in everything except military tactics; he really despised polititians and made no effort to hide it. This was a bad thing, and one of the Advose representatives scoffed, though the comment wasn't directed at him or his party.
The Ventura Corp rep though, puffed up his chest and the Jedi could sense a storm about being ready to explode. This was going to be bad.
"Young Keltron has yet to fully master the SUBILTIES of discussion," the wise Caamasi spoke before the representative could launch his tirade. "He mistakes getting feelings vented for lack of sight. I'm sure, he didn't mean anything rude by it. He normally tends to speak his mind...valuable assest in some instances..."
"But not in this one," The Rep puffed, glaring angrily at the young Padawan. Vosh's face turned impassive, but his lack of shame was prominent to the other Jedi. Varrick blushed instead, inwardly shaking his head at his younger brother.
"True, and we shall deal with him in our own way. Untill tomorrow, Representative Frow."

The walk out was quite, with the younger Keltron trying to ignore the looks and feelings he was receiving.

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