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Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Irvine waits still staring at the double doors into the council chambers. From behind, a small child wearing a cloak with the hood donned walks up to Irvine and tugs on Irvine's pant-leg.

Irvine takes quick notice and turns around and kneels down to the child.*

Irvine *smiling* "What's matter?"

Child "I can't sleep Mr. Jedi-man."

*Irvine nods his head.* "Okay, I'm just waiting til the master's are finished. I can take ya."

*Irvine stands and holds out his hand, the child reaches up and takes hold. They start down the hall and away from the Council Chambers...

After they went down a few levels, Irvine took notice that other then a few 'oil-burners' the passageways were empty.*

Irvine "So, wheres you're room at, um.. I didn't get your name..."

*The child stops and lowers his head.*

Irvine "Whats w.."

*Suddenly the grip from the child increases like Irvine's hand was placed within a set of vice-grips. The child twists his hand forcing Irvine to kneel down, then effortlessly the child uses the same strength to throw Irvine up agenst a passageway wall...

Irvine smacks the wall and an imprint of his body is left on the durasteel wall, or at least Irvine thougth it was.

... The wall crumbled under his own weight.

Irvine quickly took notice that the lights that brightly lit the passageways were completely absent, even so that it appeared that the lights didn't even function. Parts of the walls were crumbled like the wall he was 'thrown' into, he saw a dark dismayful view of coruscant. Dark. Silent. ...And absent of life and of the Force.

The child was missing, instead he was replaced by a man Irvine's age. A man with tathered clothing and frayed gray hair. The man turns around and stares at Irvine...*

F. Irvine "Welcome to the Shadow Realm brother..."

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