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Originally Posted by Darth_Extas
uhh... I can agree with all that as well.

How much time did it take you to type that up?

as well to Darth_Terros, Sidious did not need to be mentioned in the OT because it is beyond the time when Palpatine concidered being called Sidious, after his take over of the republic.
Did you have a problem with me throwing in my 2 cents worth? Hopefully not, as my post was not aimed solely at you, it was in general response to the thread topic. I possess the power of "Force Long Post" so don't be surprised or offended if you see a wordy reply from me. It's not personal or drastic, believe me!

How do you know that Darth Sideous never used that name beyond the prequel Trilogy? I'd consent to the fact that Lucas didn't think up the name until sometime in the process of writing Episode I ('94-'99), and that's why he didn't have access to it. What's in a name? We never learn Darth Maul's "non-Sith name." Count Dooku is referred to by his regular name, and his Sith name only twice (and only once addressed that way in person). Darth Vader is referred to as Anakin by everyone, including after his turn to the Dark Side, and referred to solely by his Sith name by Palpatine after his transformation. After his being put into the suit, he never goes by Anakin again, and nobody calls him anything but Lord Vader, Darth, or some variation! So there's little consistency.

I mean in the OT, he doesn't have a name, he's just "The Emperor." Sort of like how Boba Fett is just "Bounty Hunter" until Han Solo mumbles his name in ROTJ. But like Vader being a "Sith Lord," that's something that's known behind the scenes and is spoken in deleted lines in the original novel. Yet we have no such background for Sideous, so Lucas probably just thought it up during the prequel writing and we're left to think up any explanation we wish for why it's never spoken during the first three movies.

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