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Originally Posted by CaptainWhyNot
There is a way to do this already, but it requires using multiple mods (that fortunately work well together).

Darth333's WhereAmI Armband includes a function that allows you to open the nearest door. And, if you install ChAiNz.2da's TSL Hak Pad along with it's Booster Pack v2.0 and fixes patches, Darth333's WhereAmI Armband, and of course this mod (being MrDefender's Wrist Console), then you can use the Hak Pad to access the WhereAmI Armband and the Wrist Console from the "other mods" interface without even having to have their items equipped (allowing you to put other items in those arm slots).
You can access the hakpad thru my wrist console too, by going to the intergrated mods section in "additional options", you'll need to have the hak pad item in your inventory (like you would need my wrist console in your inventory to access my wrist console mod thru chainz's hak pad)

Version 1.9 will be able to open the nearest door and unlock it if needed. I scrolled thru all the scripts from kotor 2 to find 3 of them to figgure out how to do it. Then I realised that Darth333's armband had the sources for the scripts

See these threads for....... for MrDefender's Wrist Console
Wow. First Time for everything I guess lol. Never saw someone post a link to a topic, in that same topic.

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