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It makes perfect sense though. Once he loses the cloak, turn tail and run he does...


Anyway, that thing about "Lord of the Sith" is nice, but both Sith Lords are called "Lord." Lord Maul and Lord Sideous. Lord Sideous and Lord Tyrannus. Lord Sideous and Lord Vader... Still, if you're the Master rather than the apprentice, it's like, wow, you're the King of an army of two. Big deal!

Yoda probably sensed that he'd die fighting this battle, but he should have sucked it up and gone in full throttle. It was his only chance to stop the Sith and he had a great chance at it. If he killed the Sith and then died, hey, at least he stopped the Sith, right? With Palpatine dead, his Empire would be over before it began, then the reforming Senators could fill the gap. Why would Yoda want to go into exile anyway? All his closest friends and basically the folks who've been his family all his life are dead. Of course with his long life he probably has gone through countless generations of students and friends, but still. Basically if he does this, he'll perhaps die himself and Sideous will be dead, but isn't that better than letting the galaxy suffer under 25 years of oppression, billions of deaths, the Galactic Civil War, and dying on some crappy swamp planet? Obviously Lucas wrote himself into a corner here, and so Yoda just had to run away from a pretty even fight.

He lost his midichlorian cloak!

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