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Originally Posted by shaded6
what is everyones thoughts on the Sith's origin and nature?

the embrace of the dark side?

power hunger?


and whatever else you want to come up with.......

Well the sith origins are they where a race of creatures from the planet Ziost who used the force in their magics then some dark jedi showed up wowed them with their knowledge of this magic and got crowned as the dark lords.

Over the centuries the Dark jedi intergrated with the sith teaching them of the ways of the force and such till one day Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow decided to conquer outside sith space anyway they all got destroyed.

Then at about 4000bby the fallen jedi Ulic Qell Droma and Exar Kun learnt of the sith teachings from the ghost of Naga Sadow made armies and started another war on the republic many jedi joined forces with them this pretty much the start of the sith empire as we know it where they are fallen jedi and not a species

Anyway it goes on and on this way of fallen jedi/force sensitives adopting the sith teachings till the end of palpatine

theres alot more with bane and his new rulings of two based on some ancient teachings but i cant be bothered as frankly its not too important and not really much to do with the origin except for him saying there shall only be two.

There you go a very very very brief origin of the sith

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