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Performance Problems with rather fast machine :(

Hi, please excuse my bad english

I just played throught the demo a second time. and noticed that by zooming out as fast as I can all GUI elements disappear.

I just wanted to say that this is absolutely fabulous Great idea !!! I now get a much better view on whats going on on the battlefield.

But whats going on with the performance ?

From time to time it was unplayable on my machine. And when I say unplayable I really means unplayable.

Here are my system specs :

Athlon XP 3500+
2 Gig of Ram
Gforce 7800 GT

I thought Id be prepared for every game in the next 2 years and now ...

Ive checked everything on my system : No other processes slowed it down. It was just the demo. Are you optimizing the speed for the final release ?


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