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So far so good. I can't think of anything really offhand to add to what I've seen thus far, except perhaps the ability to target and kill wildlife (ie: shoot down banthas) if nothing else than for fun and added realism. I remember killing "mutton" in Warcraft 2/3, so why not here? Also recording some jokey voice samples if you click on the unit too many times would be neat.. though albeit more expensive (more voice samples) and might hurt the "seriousness" of the rest of the game.

I noticed another small thing, in the demo.. the Probe droid, when it moves to the planet on the galaxy map, the outline is shown of a ship flying. If it's going to be a ship shape, it should be shaped like those little pods that are shown flying towards Hoth in ESB. After all, that's how Probe Droids get to their targets!

The Demo is a bit buggy. I have a 2 ghz machine with 256 mb ram and a 128 mb video card in Win2kpro, but it loads a long time. When the game finally begins, in Single Player I noticed that the starbase was not destroyable. I blew up all the "hard point" targets and all the capital ships, but the fighters just came forever so I had to finally give up.

There should be a "RESTART MISSION" option in the escape menu I think, if the game screws up like that and especially if you accidentally save it while it's goofed like that. :P

Also, I like the ability to minimize a game I'm playing, if I want to quickly check an instant message or something. This should be do-able in a video game without screwing it up I think.

A "hotkey" that selects all usable units that you have for a major offensive would be a nice option. Maybe there is one already in the full version, but if not, there ought to be.

And finally I sincerely hope that Mod making will be allowed for this game, and we'll get mod tools. Patches to fix any bugs, and the option of Linux dedicated servers for online play. If those elements are present in this already good looking game, I'm sure it will be a long-term success for the pc gaming community.

Good luck with the game and thanks for listening to feedback!

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