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General Solo, almost as witty as your avatar-sake hmm?
Yeah, read that before, I just wish Grievous was in EpII, at least he could have been badass in ONE film at least...I have the feeling I'll be waiting 20 years for Lucas to "enhance" that film though.

Oh yeah, MachineCult, don't get too iffed on how "artificial" Vadar and Grievous are, I like to mention Ghost In The Shell, if you're not into Anime or Manga, it's a good place to start and more importantly, it does muck around with ideas such as "How much machine would you have to be, to still be human?"

I mean, grievous doesn't have that much less tissue than Vadar, all he lost more was his neck and shoulders. Conceivably, you could muck around with the idea of droids that have organic tissues that they depend on. There was some scientific fluffing over artificial tissues a decade back, which then gets one thinking on if being made of 'natural' flesh is what defines someone as being 'more man then machine'?

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