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Originally Posted by shaded6
but why does it consume them, if they realize that it is? they dont have to let it consume them if is control that they want. i mean, cant they see that? cant they realize that they are being utterly destroyed by the thing that is consuming them? or is it that they dont want to see it because they are so consumed?
Sadly thats just the way the darkside works it consumes you with out you really knowing and yes some do realise whats happening and put a stop to going down the dark path before its too late but sadly once it is too late it becomes a drug

Ask a heroin addict why they do what they do even though they know the concequences.

thats what the darkside is like that is the very nature of the darkside you cant control it, it controls you,

there end of discussion you now know how the sith started and why people turn to it no more crappy sith threads.

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