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well i want to know the truth in the dark side, why it should end here, thats your opinion, but for those of us in these forums, who call themselves, "Sith," i want to know their ways of thinking. i dont call myself "Sith" by the way.....

"the Sith rely on their passion; they think inwards, only about themselves." Anakin Skywalker

"and the Jedi dont?" Supreme Chancellor Palpetine/Darth Sidious

we have to get into the mindset of the Sith in order to understand the many misconceptions that the Jedi hold against them, not the obivous reasons when they try to dominate the galaxy; because it wasnt always this way, i dont believe. but what is it about the dark side of the force that compells people to the Sith and their teachings?

lets also talk about Darth Nihilus and whoever comes to mind; actually, lets start from the beginning of all the Sith.

if we can get into the mindset of them then maybe we can understand them differently, understand them for who they are, not what the Jedi say they are; even if they, the Jedi, are right, they dont know everything; and neither do we.


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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