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Oh for christs sake boy drop it already lol

We've told you the damn history we've explained why people go to the darkside and the simple reason for dark jedi to to the sith is the sith knew about the darkside

If you were a dark jedi looking for more knowledge on this great power you hold would'nt you start studying the last major users of it so you could know more yes and it just so happen they were a race of red skinned magicians called sith?

And like i said earlier they turn to the darkside through egotistical power they are generally selfish people who look for towards the darkside to help themselves

seriously drop it if you cant grasp the really basic reasoning behind the bad guys of a bunch of kids movies then you really dont belong here lol

As for not calling yourself Sith werent you saying in another lame topic that your called Darth dren'or? which by the way you never said who actually calls you this lol

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