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well since you know so much on the Sith Order, why then arent you some powerful Sith Lord already (theoretically)? you always say something like that, my misconceptions, whatever, yeah, why is it i ask questions then; if not to find answers? i wouldnt wash your robes even if you asked, if you did, you wouldnt like what i might think i am obligated to do then. no trouble started, but, dont try and make me feel like a low life because you have all the answers. i sware, no sense of conduct. why is it that you are this way, especially towards me?

i mean by all means, it does not bother me, its on you to come to your conclusions, which effect you, not me. all i have to do is sit back and watch it unfold.

but you, you have this mentality towards me that makes no difference whatsoever; lol, funny, because i get to laugh from time to time, or i get extremely blissful when a full out rage comes on and i push all the energy into my very being, controlling it and using it in a possitive way. funny, i'm not so consumed that i have to act out on that rage; so what is the concept of the dark side again?

tell me your understanding about the code, if:

"you {I} seem to lack even the basic concepts of the sith order." Darth Terros

elaborate, dont portray yourself to know if your not willing to explain and back up your theory or ultimate knowledge of the dark side of the force.

i will start a new thread for this, actually, its already started: "origin of the Sith: the dark side."


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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