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lmao. oh, i'm selfish for wanting greater power then you could ever possibly have?

well, if i were the Sith Master in this situation, i would kill my apprentice for this sort of thing; especially for his lack of consideration on what he gets at. lol. but because i appreciate life, because i understand it, yeah, he would probably try to kill me. because i understand that there is more detail in subjects then just your own ****ing opinion, and its appalling to you for some odd reason to just, accept everything but other peoples ideas; who is suppossed to be here? the ones who want to get into it, or the ones who want to control it?

your not in control, you just lack depth. and this is what i think pisses you off, or prompts you to act this way.

yes, i did answer the question about who calls me Darth Deno'r you just missed it, but because i answered the question and chose to find a True meaning in my name, it wont matter to you. question for you, who called you Darth Terros?


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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