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there you go, "you did." we need to stop this, or we will both be banned. i dont just want your opinion, i want others. you went into the basis of the Sith, i want to go into the complexity of the Sith. can you give me that? or are you just going into a full out egotistical outrage on how your opinion is the only one that matters?

and because you named yourself, dont condone me for doing the same.

you may not effect me, in such a way, but by talking to you, i can feel the darkness in me. you do know that darkness is not just a fictionate based philosophy right? it is very real. and your problem, because you think you know the ways of the Sith, and the true nature of "the dark side" i wont condone that either, but just because you think you know, doesnt mean you do. you dont know what i have experienced in life, and i am not about to tell you. i use all kinds of different methods to understand the nature of "the dark side" aswell as "the light side." but you on the other hand, go by what you read, what you think it means and how it is to you, probably without experience in either "nature." sorry, but i am a complicated person, because i seek a deeper knowledge in everything, not just star wars bull****. and if you read some of my other post when i mention lucas, i try to see it from what he wanted to accomplish in fans; without taking it literally, in a sense.


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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