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well you are just showing your true colors now arent you.

lighten up, your just getting yourself into more and more **** with the moderators who dont join these kinds of conversations.

your opinion no longer matters. you dont know me, so dont judge me, whacko, yep, thats right, "Master."

well that truely hurt dude. thanks. by the way, um, i dont know if you know this, i want to see what other people have to say about this thread, not your ****ed up mentality towards what you see things as. because you havent walked down a particular road in life, doesnt mean someone else hasnt. i'm not conceided in myself enough to keep going and going and going about this this and that when i tried to end this a few posts' before. but your so persistant, you might aswell get over it.

you take no thought into anything it seems. thats not my fault. you know what you understand, and seem lost in that aswell. this is not my fault. and yeah, i have my problems, but i'm not here to express how i feel inside. lol, i have brothers who actually understand what it is i have to say. so, yeah. thanks for your opinion, whatever it was your getting at. your the one who went off, if it were up to me, i would have put you in your place, "young padawan," but because i dont have that ability, i would like to move on with a different perspective on what someone else has to say. thank you.

doesnt matter if you edit, you called me a "whacko." so.....hey.

end it now!


"there is darkness in you Jedi Knight, i can feel it...."
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